Ingleside Rural Fire Brigade started our first Community Fire Unit (CFU) for the above residents in 2016 with a group of 13 Ingleside RFS - CFU volunteers.

What is a CFU?

Community Fire Units or CFU’s are members of the local community who join the NSW Rural Fire Service and are provided with the skills, knowledge, confidence and awareness to assist in protecting your home and homes of your neighbours from bush fires. 

Do I have to train?

Yes, you will be trained in Bush Fire Survival Plans and Fire Danger Ratings, Bush Fire behaviour and CFU equipment and be assessed in Safety and Teamwork.

Will it cost a lot of my time?

The course and assessment will take one (1) day. After that you will need to attend two 3 hour training sessions per year to keep your skills and knowledge fresh.

Do I get protective clothing?

Upon completion of your one (1) days training you will be issued with Personal Protective Clothing (the 'blue uniform') including; pants, jacket, helmet, boots, goggles and gloves.  

Will I be an RFS member?

Yes, you will be a volunteer member of the Ingleside Rural Fire Brigade, Community Fire Unit and are a fully insured RFS CFU member. You are not expected to crew fire trucks, or provide assistance beyond protecting your homes and homes of your neighbours. 

How can I join the CFU?


Dendrobium Crescent

Caladenia Crescent

Mirbelia Parade

Register your interest via email to be updated on the next information session to: InglesideCaptain@googlegroups.com including your:

  • Name/s & Age of those attending
  • Address
  • Mobile phone

Download a CFU Membership Application        CFU Team Policy: CFU Guidelines

Note: You will require 100 points of identification at the time you formally present the application.

CFU Recruiting Area

Need Bushfire Safety Advice?

Like a visit from an experienced Field Officer from Ingleisde Brigade to give you Bushfire Safety tips around your home at no cost? Email our Captain  InglesideCaptain@googlegroups.com 

Visits: 10am to 4pm 

Saturday and Sundays 

Upcoming events

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